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A conscious food chef embracing natural, whole and nutrient-dense foods



My name is Marie and like my name, I'm very French, but I'm also very Chinese.

This explains my fervent passion for food. Arguably France and China are home to the two most revered and rich culinary traditions in the world. With a Malaysian-Chinese raw food chef for a mother and a French gastronome par excellence for a father, I feel blessed with the real food upbringing I had- centered around homemade and nourishing family meals made from whole and natural ingredients.

And add to that, the fact that my French roots hail from Brittany- the land of buckwheat, mineral-rich sea salt, raw butter, beautiful varieties of seaweed and the best seafood ever- and my Chinese heritage harks back to Southern China via Malaysia, heralding the uplifting smells of lemongrass, garlic, ginger and coconut. My childhood memories are a veritable cross-continental flavour tour de force, which is reflected in my irreverent style of cooking imbued with nutritional wisdom.


I am lucky to be surrounded by inspirational nutrition and wellness experts, notably my lovely mum and my dearest friend Lorna Driver-Davies, a sought after Nutritional Therapist and herbal medicine expert; she keeps me in check with her extensive knowledge and experience. Lorna and I frequently work together on food education projects.

Welcome to the world of Bain-Marie, a land of positively delicious recipes, health & wellness lifestyle tips and inspiration for a more conscious approach to food. Bain-Marie is a platform to share our vision of a world where taste and health are inextricably linked.



"Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."


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Launched in 2013, this blog started as my journey to share how delicious, fun, simple and inexpensive food that is good for you can be! This is the anti-diet; this is a real food, clean eating lifestyle based on enjoying every mouthful of food and never feeling deprived or guilty with the added bonus of a leaner body, clearer skin and more energy. One of my mottos in life is vivre pour manger, and I do indeed live to eat (well).


Here you will find a whole food, sustainable and conscious approach to food. I eat an abundance of plant-based foods but I still love and enjoy organic, sustainably-sourced fish and meat (especially when made into mineral-rich bone broths), wild game and raw dairy. The emphasis here, more than any other food group, is on the quality and provenance- animal produce must be of the highest quality: organic, grass-fed, outdoor-reared, free-range, line-caught. However, I can assure you that there is absolutely no gluten, refined sugar or any processed ingredients in any of my recipes. Just pure whole food, natural and nutrient-dense goodness!

As an avid yogi, it is through my study of yoga that I became more aware that healthy eating, healthy thinking and healthy moving made such a difference to how I looked and felt. From all of this was borne my real food lifestyle- a conscious approach to food and how small changes in your lifestyle can positively affect our bodies and our planet.

At Bain-Marie, we are passionate about rescuing the amount of perfectly edible food that ends up in landfill and making healthy food more accessible to all!

This blog is intended to be a gentle invitation to you and yours to integrate one small step towards a positively delicious lifestyle every day.